Our space

The Main Room

At Ziferblat Ljubljana we have two rooms available. The first just like your living room at home… a couch, a dining table, a swinging chair… okay maybe not exactly like your living room.


The Event Room

Normal arrangement

Our second room is a little bigger. It has plenty of desk space, a piano, a record player and other comfortable chairs and bean bags that are perfect for chilling.


Event arrangement

The room can also be arranged to accommodate several rows of chairs for an event. There is a projector screen, audio speakers, plus up to 30 chairs available. We’ve held many lectures, concerts, films, social events, workshops and even movement classes.


The space is available for private hire. If you’re interested, or have any questions, email us on ljubljana@ziferblat.net or call +386 30 456 056.

It’s also possible to create events that are open to our regular Ziferblat guests. If you have an idea for an event, or you would like to learn more send us an email.