Ziferblat’s Crunch: How To Problem-Solve in Life and Business

09.09.2017 @ 12:30 – 13:30
Ljubljana Ziferblat
Vegova 8
1000 Ljubljana

Problems are as an integral part of life as perhaps even breathing or digestion… if you’re alive, then you will be facing problems.

And it goes without saying that the more ambitious your projects, the more likely you are to encounter problems.

But what is your response when you meet a problem?

Andy is the founder and CEO of Microwork, and his mind is constantly brainstorming and dealing with problems. He’s a solutions guy and at the next brunch he’ll be sharing a little about how he deals with problems in Microwork and also in his personal life.

Whether you’re making a global business or a building an Instagram page for your artwork, you’re going to face problems, and this Crunch we’re going to get right to the heart of the problem!

This is an event for the doers.

For the makers, the tinkerers, and the always-wondering-what-could-be-ers…

Creativity doesn’t work 9-5. We know when you’re passionate about your art and projects you can’t leave them alone all weekend.

We also know that the creative path can sometimes be a lonely one.

That’s why we’re starting Ziferblat’s CRUNCH. Twice a month we’re hosting a creative brunch. It’s a chance to connect with other creatives, to get inspiration, and to collaborate on new ideas.

If you’ve got creative projects, a start-up, or even just an idea of something you want to make, come along and kickstart your productive weekend!

Ziferblat is a place for socialising where you pay for time. Students are 4 cents per minute, non-students are 5 cents. Because we don’t want you to hurry, clocks for this event will stop after 60 mins.


To je dogodek je za ustvarjalce, rokodelce in za vse, ki so željni dela.
Kreativnost nima 8 urnih delavnikov. Vemo, da ko si strasten glede svoje umetnosti in projektov, jih ne moreš pustiti pri miru cel vikend. Včasih je lahko takšna pot tudi osamljena.

Zato začenjamo z dogodkom Ziferblatov CRUNCH. Dvakrat na mesec bomo gostili Kreativni Brunch, kjer vam ponujamo možnost sodelovanja in druženja z drugimi nadobudnimi ustvarjalci ter pridobivanja novih idej in inspiracij.
Če imaš kreativne projekte, start-up ali samo idejo za nekaj, kar bi si želel/a narediti, pridi zraven in zaštartaj svoj produktivni vikend.

Ziferblat je prostor za druženje, kjer se plačuje čas. Velja, da je ena minuta = 5 centov. Za študente in dijake je 1 minuta = 4 cente.
Ker ne bi radi, da se vam mudi in si želimo, da si vzamete čas, bomo ure ustavili po 60 minutah.