The Science of India

14.12.2017 @ 19:30 – 20:30
Ljubljana Ziferblat
Vegova 8
1000 Ljubljana

We know by now that every land pursued to study the environment and the mechanism of ‘Science’ was invented.

In Europe the 19th century saw its enlightenment, and in the 5th the Greek. But there was a civilization that invented it about 6 centuries before Christ was born.

5000 years later, because of the efforts of a few Students, this Science was reinvented. India fought her Independence on this model, and gained her position in Space research too.

India wields its power in computing and generates cheap technology to overcome vast hurdles. Even the practice of Yoga is proven to cure depression; a disease that western science has proved to fail at with disastrous consequences.

Shree will be sharing the definitions of a few of these Vedic terms.

We all have heard of Karma, Samsaara, Dharma and Nirvana.

But what do they actually mean in terms of Modern Science?

Come find out, as Shree tries her best to explain Veda(Sanskrit word for knowledge) in terms of Science(the Latin/ English word for Knowledge).

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