Meet The Locals: Ziferblat’s Welcome to Ljubljana Party

26.10.2017 @ 19:00 – 21:00
Ljubljana Ziferblat
Vegova 8
1000 Ljubljana

So you’ve found yourself in the little capital city of Ljubljana and you’ve begun to fall in love with it. You’ve walked the riverbanks, you’ve been up to the castle and you’ve started to wonder why you’d never heard of Ljubljana before… now it’s time to meet some locals.

You are invited to our first Welcome to Ljubljana party. You can chat with locals, play games and drink as much coffee, tea and ice tea as you like. We’re bringing locals and travellers together to exchange stories and share about what life’s like in different parts of the world.

Everything is included in the price because in Ziferblat you only pay for the time you spend here.

Drop by on Wednesday 20th July at 19:00, we look forward to meeting you…

In Ziferblat you pay 5 cents per minute. For this you have access to all our teas, coffees, biscuits, games and even a piano.