Taste of Yoga: Lotus Yoga

12.4.2018, ob 17:30

Eager to relax deeply? Connect your body and mind? End stress? Bring more joy into your life?

A vinyasa yoga teacher, founder of LotusYoga and LiveFully Coaching, will be guiding you on a journey every Thursday.

Yoga classes are in English.

Bring your mat and good spirit!

Vinyasa yoga builds up your inner fire. Relaxes your body and mind. We love it because it provides space for the spirit, your creativity, phyisical and emotional body. It helps boost the quality of life. Bring more joy and calm into your life.

Yoga is a great way of taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing. And helps you differentiate what is truly important and essential from what is not. It can open the path to a more creative and authentic expression by releasing the blockages

A creative spirit, psychologist, a coach, a traveller. I started practicing yoga 10 years ago and found I can integrate it well with positive psychology and my own life phylosophy. I was amazed at how much peace it brought into my life and wanted to share it.

Web: LotusYoga –> fb.me/lotusyoga.si

Ziferblat is a place for socialising where you pay for time. Students are 5 cents per minute, non-students are 6 cents. Because we don’t want you to hurry, clocks for this event will stop after 60 mins.