Let’s Talk Slovene

5.3.2018, ob 20:00

We know how it is. You’ve found yourself in Slovenia for a few months, and you’ve decided it’s going to be a good idea to learn Slovenian…

Then you were struck by two hard truths:
1. You never get chance to practice. Everybody in Slovenia speaks incredible English, and are very enthusiastic about switching to English in conversation with you.
2. The Slovene language is crazy! With dual, six cases and over 42 dialects, it’s a linguistic labarynth that very few foriegners ever truly understand…

Despite this, we have a group of brave explorers that are tackling the Slovene language here in Ziferblat.

It doesn’t matter if you know just one word, or if you’re almost fluent, this is your chance to mix with native speakers, ask questions, and practice all you need before using Slovene in the “real-world.”

We split into groups ranging from beginners to advanced so everyone gets the chance to practice with people of similar level.

Komaj čakamo (we can’t wait!)! See you Monday!


Ziferblat is a place for socialising where you pay for time. Students are 5 cents per minute, non-students are 6 cents. Because we don’t want you to hurry, clocks for this event will stop after 60 mins.

With 1.1. 2018 the prices have changed and are now 1 cent higher.