Welcome Erasmus: Ziferblat’s Meet The Locals

28.09.2017, 19:00

Erasmus is finally here and we’d like to help you turn Ljubljana into your home for the next semester. Have you got questions about the city that you need answering? Do you want to hear from locals about the best way to experience Ljubljana? You are invited to our Erasmus Welcome party. Here you’ll get the chance to meet other Erasmus students, play board games and have as much tea, coffee, biscuits and ice tea as you like. Plus there’ll be lots of locals to help you introduce you to your new home.

Ziferblat is a little bit like home. It’s a place where all tea, coffee and biscuits are free and all you pay for during your stay is time. Make your own coffee with our coffee machine, play one of our many board games, use our piano or guitar, and possibly meet your next best friend 😉

In Ziferblat it costs 4 cents per minute for students (or 5 cents for non-students). The maximum you will ever pay in one day is €7 because after that we stop the clock. We don’t want you to feel rushed, so for this special event we’ll be stopping the clocks after just one hour.