Living Room Travel #6: How to Travel and Stay Creative

04.09.2017, 19:00

Rajat is a visual artist from New Delhi. He is currently pursuing his MA in Films from Academy of Arts, University of Nova Gorica. He is a freelance Illustrator and a photographer and has been actively exploring other mediums such as performance and contemporary arts. He is experimenting various ways and methods to express through films.
He has frequently worked as an actor, production manager for
independent cinema in different parts of the world.

He is going to share his thoughts about being a traveling ‘artist’ (even though he is still not sure if he really is one). About seeing different cultures, but little by little, finding these hidden layers which put us together as the same species, being an outsider , observing, trying to integrate, but also being a catalyst and to change certain things around, to travel to pollinate different cultures together! And of course what its like to constantly look for home!

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