Creative Tuesdays: Dreamcatchers

18.07.2017, 17:00

Dreamcatchers descend from the Ojibwe people of Native North America. They hang above somebody who’s sleeping in order to protect their dreams. Bad dreams are filtered and caught in the dreamcatcher’s web whereas good dreams are allowed to pass through to the person asleep below.

Nowadays they look great as an accessory in the bedroom or as a gift for a friend.

At this week’s Creative Tuesday, we’ll be making dreamcatchers together. Will you join us and create your own? 🙂

See you at 17:00 on Tuesday!

Why buy a souvenir if you can make it yourself? This summer in Ziferblat, Tuesdays are dedicated to being creative. Making, sticking, drawing, painting, building and sketching.

Creative Tuesdays are creative-workshops held in your living room in the centre of Ljubljana. Drop by this Tuesday to make postcards and bookmarks.

Ziferblat is a place for socialising where you pay for time. Students are 4 cents per minute, non-students are 5 cents. Because we don’t want you to hurry, clocks for this event will stop after 60 mins.