Meet The Locals

Every Thursday at 19:00

Meet The Locals is now on Thursdays!

Are you new to Ljubljana? Maybe you’re here on Erasmus, or you’re passing through on your travels?

Meet The Locals is your chance to chill out and meet someone new.

Every Thursday at 7pm we host “Meet The Locals” in the comfort of our living room in the Ljubljana city centre. Play boardgames with us, drink tea and coffee, make new friends and discover for yourself what life in Ljubljana is like.

In Ziferblat everything is free except the time you spend here. You can use our coffee machine, use our piano or guitar, and possibly meet your next best friend 😉

In Ziferblat it costs 4 cents per minute for students (or 5 cents for non-students). The maximum you will ever pay in one day is €7 because after that we stop the clock. We don’t want you to feel rushed, so for this special event we’ll be stopping the clocks after just one hour.