ABCoffee: Vienna coffee culture

Legend has it that when liberating Vienna from the Turkish occupation, the Polish-habsburg soldiers found beans for which they thought they were camel food. Initially they wanted to burn them all, but luckly they didn’t, for in fact this is just one of many legends that tells how initially the residents of Vienna found out about the magical »potion« so many of us cannot wake up without nowadays – we’re talking about coffee of course! Find out some more about the history of Vienna coffee culture and Vienna coffee houses – some of them are already more than 300 years old and have been declared as UNESCO symbol of culture!

While listening to the ABC of Vienna coffee culture, you’ll be able to try the fair trade coffee of Zadruga Buna in Ziferblat and treat yourself to one of Miha’s coffee sweets.

The lecture is prepared by Miha Pongrac, who writes a culinary blog called Pongis (


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Because we don’t want you to hurry, clocks for this event will stop after 60 mins.